Affiliate Program

Embark on a unique journey with BerStake's multilevel affiliate program and harness the power of community-driven growth. At, we value and reward the trust you place in our platform by introducing it to others.

Expand Your Earnings Through Four Levels:

Direct Referrals: Earn a generous commission of 5% every time your direct referrals stake their cryptocurrency with us.
Second Level: Your earnings grow as your network does. Receive a 2.5% commission for every individual staked by referrals made by your direct referrals.
Third Level: Dive deeper into the rewards system and earn a 1% commission from stakes made by individuals introduced by your second-level referrals.
Fourth Level: Broaden your horizons and secure a 0.5% commission from the stakes of individuals brought in by your third-level referrals.

Limitless Opportunities:

The sky's the limit when you engage with our affiliate program. No caps on referrals, no limits on earned commissions. Whether you're reaching out to friends, family, or utilizing digital platforms like blogs and social media, every new member you bring adds to your earnings potential.

Getting Started Is Simple:

Once you register on, access your personalized affiliate link from your dashboard. Share this link to kickstart your affiliate journey. Our platform offers a suite of promotional materials, and comprehensive statistics on your referrals, ensuring you're always in the loop.

No Initial Stakes Required:

You're not obligated to have an active staking plan or even a balance in your account to start benefiting from our affiliate program. Your earnings are dictated solely by your effort and network.

Exclusive Partnership Opportunities:

Are you an influencer in the crypto space or possess a significant audience?
We're eager to collaborate! Get in touch with us to discuss tailored partnership terms and maximize our mutual growth potential. Join the BERSTAKE Affiliate Program, and let's redefine the future of cryptocurrency staking together.

Unlock Premium Staking

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